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YouTube Assemblies

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In March 2020, lockdown began and schools closed their doors to outside visitors as part of the public response to the coronavirus pandemic. The work of ICE Wales, like that of so many groups and activities, was suddenly and seriously impacted. But as so many began to adapt and find new ways of working, ICE workers began experimenting with digital storytelling, and a new YouTube channel was born.

Throughout the pandemic, schools have remained open to and appreciative of material provided by ICE. Christian assemblies have been regularly distributed and used widely, along with age-appropriate Bible ‘Storytimes’ for younger children. Special festivals such as Harvest, Remembrance Day, Christmas and St David’s Day, have all been featured on our channel and proved of great value to schools and teachers. Volunteers have found creative ways at home and outdoors to tell stories of the Bible to camera, knowing that children are still able to see and hear – and knowing that our call to share good news about Jesus remains unchanged.


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